Beckoning all self-proclaimed geeks (both wannabe and established) with even a passing interest in FOSS! Google Developer Group NIT Trichy in association with Pragyan 2014 presents to you Pengufest! Pengufest as its name suggests celebrates the Penguin and what it all stands for.


Ever pondered why Android dominates the international scenario by a large margin or how science has revolutionized the world? If the two seem irrelevant, think again. What is free, open and modifiable by all is what makes for a revolution.

And this is not far away. At Pengufest be sure to grab your favorite snack and immerse into the world of FOSS, Linux and GNOME. Want an expert opinion? Discussion with peers? Game for a competition? It all ends here and begins anew.


An opportunity to kick start the journey of novices, streamline the path for the established and a chance to divulge the knowledge for the experts. Like all things open source, it is community driven. Here, you are a part of the community.


For newbies or veterans, Pengufest promises to be a ride not to be missed. Hop on and discover what you have missed. FOSS is a religion!

For Pengufest registrations, agenda and other details click here.